Given below is a list of the members of Muslim Students Association. Members are categorized by countries in alphabetical order. This list reflects the diversity of MSA and the binding force of Islam that holds them all together. People who are considering coming here or want more information regarding Michigan Tech, may contact any member. For instructions to join MSA click here.



  • Asif Al-Rasheed (PhD, Electrical Engineering) 
  • Mohammad Mamun
  • Faysal Islam (MS, Electrical Engineering)  
  • S.M. Mizanur Rahman

File:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China

  • Shichang Ma (MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering) 


  • Aboelkasim Diab Ahmed Ali (PhD, Civil &Environmental Engineering)
  • Marwa Abdalmoneam (PhD Candidate, Physics)
  • Ossama Abdelkhalik (Faculty, Mechanical Engineering)  


  • Membership open


  • Iltesham Zameer Syed (PhD,  Mechanical Engineering) 


  • Guswarni Anwar (PhD, Forestry)


  • Ali Ebnenasir (Faculty, Computer Science Department) 
  • Seyedmehdi Martazavi Zanjani (PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Amir Rezaei ((PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering)


  • Zeyad Ahmed (Faculty, Civil and Environmental Engineering)


  • Abdallah Habahbeh (PhD Candidate, Mathematical Sciences) 
  • Amer Tahat (PhD Candidate, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Mohamad Al Jamal (PhD Candidate, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Ahmad Baniabedalruhman (PhD Candidate, Mathematical Sciences)
  • Samer Alokaily (PhD Candidate, Mathematical Sciences)


  • Membership Open


  • Mohammad Ali Ezawi (MS, Geophysics)

File:Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia

  • Mohammad Rosli Hasan (PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering)


  • Amna Zahid
  • Muhammad Fahad (PhD, Electrical Engineering)
  • Muhammad Imran Aslam (PhD, Electrical Engineering)
  • Nayyer Islam (PhD, Geological Engineering)  
  • Saad Sikandar (Electrical Engineering)
  • Saima Ghazal (PhD, Psychology)  
  • Saqib Jawad Sheikh (Mechanical Engineer)  
  • Saranjam Khan (Economics)  


  • Membership Open

 Saudi Arabia

  • Abdulrahman Blaisi (Mechanical Engineering) 
  • Badar Almuhanna
  • Faten Almuhanna
  • Hamad Alsarhan (MS, Chemical Engineering)
  • Majed AlShammri (Mechanical Engineering) 
  • Mansour Al-Shammari (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mathkar Alharthi (PhD, Chemical Engineering)
  • Mohammad Al-Jamal
  • Nasser Al-Shammari (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Zainab Alshoug (MS, Chemical Engineering)


  • Membership Open


  • Sadakath Ahmed Sulaiman (Mechanical Engineering)  


  • Atakan Altinkaynak (Mechanical Engineering)

 United States Of America

  • Ibrahim Ndaou (Business Management & Psychology)