Its been a quite a while since the MSA gathered. MSA committee would like to organize a potluck, this Saturday Dec. 6 at the DH community place after Dhuhr prayer (~2:00 PM to 5:00 PM). We encourage bringing in your friends and family. Please, also personally invite the new Muslim sisters/brothers for getting them to know about the community.
         Your presence is always a welcome ! Hope to see you there.

MSA committee wishes to inform its members that there a few conference that they might be interested to attend in the near future. MAS-ICNA, Al-Maghrib institue, ISNA are a few. MSA would be partially funding and accommodating the interested attendees in the best way they can.

           MAS-ICNA is held from Dec 25-29 2014 in Chicago. If any one is interested, the deadline for registration and confirmation with treasurer ( is by Nov.17. The registration fees and traveling expenses will be re-imbursed, inshaAllah. Inclusion in the travel to the conference will be in a First-Come-First-Serve basis with a maximum capacity of 7 attendees.
AlMaghrib institute offers weekend seminars (FridaySaturday and Sundayfocusing on a specific Islamic topic. They have many seminars to offer across various cities in the US, please see this link for further information ( MSA at MTU would support the interested attendees.
ISNA holds conferences throughout the year, with the big one being in Aug-Sep., annually.

         Apart from these, if any of you have an interest in any other islamic conference, please let me ( know about it. MSA committee will try its best to accommodate your interest, inshaAllah.
Again, if you are interested in MAS-ICNA, kindly go through the convention web-link. Kindly register for the conference and confirm the registration with the treasurer, Roba ( by Nov. 17. These conferences are very good in expanding islamic knowledge; not to mention about the powerful motivational speeches !

MSA is glad to announce it next potluck gathering to happen this Saturday, Nov. 1st from 2:30 PM (After Dhuhr prayer) to 5:30 PM in the Daniel Heights Community Place. We also plan to play a couple of kids movies(totaling an hour) during the potluck !

Eid-ul-Adha praying at 10/4/2014
Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on Saturday 4th of October inshaAllah.
The prayer time for Eid is 9:00 AM. Prayer will be offered at MUB Ballroom (#207).
Breakfast will be served by MSA (MUB catering services) shortly after the prayer, there is no necessity for any home food.
The Quran competition will to be held on Saturday Oct 4th.
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The TV coverage of the muslim students association poltuck and iftar arrangement from ABC 10 news.




Halal Meat at Econo | Halal meat is now available at Econo Foods (Houghton) in two forms: Beef Stew and Grounded Beef. Halal chicken will hopefully be in the store on this coming Friday. Econo’s Halal meat is certified by the Islamic Society of Washington Area (Read more …) (Halal meat online …)


Islamic Literature | Links to some Islamic literature is provided at the MSA website. (Read more…)


Community Service | Being an active part of MTU community, MSA understands its responsibilities as a student organization and committed to serve the MTU community at its best. (Read more…)


MSA announces Eid-ul-Fitr | 8/8/2013 | Prayer at 9:30 AM | DH Community center


Quran course at Michigan Tech for Spring 2013

Quran Introductory course starting from February 12th –  organized by MSA at Michigan Tech

For more information – Click Here


Announcement for Eid Alfitr


Bismillaah Walhamdulillaah WasSalaatu WasSalaam Ala Rasulillaah.

AsSalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Due to confirmed positive naked-eye Hilal sighting on (29 Ramadan 1433H – August 18th 2012G) in Mainland USA (Positive Reports from Texas and Chicago), and from Toronto, MSA at Michigan Technological University announces start of Shawwal 1433H on August 19th, 2012G in Houghton, MI.

Hence August 19th 2012G will be the day of EID-UL-FITR InshaAllah. !!

MSA committee wishes a very happy EID MUBARAK to all respected MSA members, and Muslim brothers and sister !!

Note: The prayer time and place will be announced shortly.

For more information on Hilal Sighting please check.





MSA is glad to announce the day of Eid-ul-Adha !

Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on 4th of October inshaAllah, which is the coming Saturday. The prayer time for Eid is 9:00 AM. Prayer will be offered at MUB Ballroom (#207). Breakfast will be served by MSA (MUB catering services) shortly after the prayer, there is no necessity for any home food.
The Quran competition will  be held on  Saturday Oct 4th. So, it will be held right after the Eid prayer and breakfast inshaAllah.

We will have an Eid potluck, it will be a lunch on the next day, 5th of October (Sunday) from 02:30 PM to 5:00 PM at Daniel Heights Community Place.